Prison: Long pants and photo id required?

Freznel Lenz had the opportunity to lead worship at York County Prison yesterday.  Another prime example of the Awesome hand of God at work after He pushed us through the security checkpoint without some of us having the proper id and dress required to gain access to the general population area.  Tom gave a message about “Freedom in Christ” and we rocked the “Block” for an hour and 20 minutes!

Songs were:

  1. Your love oh Lord
  2. Trading my sorrows
  3. Jesus is not a religion
  4. Yet will I trust You
  5. Spirit in the Sky
  6. Thank You Lord
  7. Freedom
  8. New Start
  9. He reigns
  10. Lord I Lift Your Name on High
  11. I Saw the Light

Thanks to Good News Jail and Prison Ministries and to God the Father for making this awesome time of Worship and fellowship possible. 

God Bless, Scott



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7 responses to “Prison: Long pants and photo id required?

  1. tam

    This is very cool! Awesome! Welcome to WordPress too!

  2. thanks for stopping by! Hey how do I make the time correct…mmmmm brain drain on wordpress..but i do like it better than blogger..

  3. tam

    Oh yeah – the time thing is very annoying. It’s on a weird time frame. I had to go in and -7 hours i think to correct mine. My husband knows how but he stepped out for a bit. I’ll have him get back to you on this…but it is fixable 🙂

  4. Hey guys, Tam(my wife) sent me over to help you with the time issue.

    In your Dashboard, select Options and under the General Tab, scroll down and you will see “Times in the weblog should differ by:” set this according to your time zone.

    UTC time (don’t ask) is the standard for WordPress, so look at that time (listed right above the “Times in the weblog should differ by:”) and set yours to match your time zone. So, we(tam and I) are on the West Coast, so I am -7 hours behind UTC time.

    Hope this makes sense. it didn’t make any sense to me the first time I tried setting it.


  5. Thanks 4 the help…we are sure we are going to be diggin it as soon as we stop feeling stupid :>)

  6. guessing that the next post and comments should not be sooooo screwed up. LOL we are having fun trying to figure it all out.

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