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HE wants to stay with you-all day!

It is an absolutely beautiful morning in PA, and how I thank God for the temps and sunshine, and the relief from humidity that we have been under! 

Are you amazed? or have you thought about the greatness of our Creator?  I am always easily taken in through that thought pattern, and honestly it is a very good place to start the day.  Just to think HE created all things, and knew me before I was born, and has been there through my everything (some of it not so good, and kind of embarrassing that HE was there too!).  And HIS desire is for us to remember that HE wants involved in the smallest detail of our life.  HE wants to be taken along where ever we go, and talked to, and questioned, and trusted in all our life choices.  I understand this is alot to swallow for a non-believer, but it touches my heart so much more that HE still wants it! 

As I move forward in the things I need to do today, Jesus is going to go with me, HE goes before me and makes the rough places smooth, HE hems me in….mmmm there is a thought that I could think about for hours! 🙂  We are completely surrounded by HIM.  Do you love that the past and the traumas, and poor choices have been removed as far as the east is from the west?  Love love love love it!  Such freedom!  As I lead today (Bible study group)and watch God open eyes to the Babylon mentality that we live under, I am taken in by HIM in that HE would even want to. 

Think about HIS character, and HIS attributes, and then look in the mirror.  By making everything about HIM, it comes to HIM moving heaven and earth for YOU!  HIS attention is on us, HIS eyes do not leave us.  When we wrap our minds around this for even a short time, I am sure that HE is all smiles and laughs with great joy. Can you picture our Almighty God laughing and telling HIS son next to HIM, that is my girl!  She is really trying to get it! 

The King is entralled by your beauty, so honor HIM…talk to HIM, trust HIM to be capable of all we need, and remember HE always goes beyond what we need.  HE loves us with a love that we will not fully comprehend until we see HIM face to face.  HE cares about our stress, and wants to take it away.  HE knows that someone has hurt us, and they will answer to HIM.  HE hears our prayers, and even our cries, and HE answers each and every one.  HE just wants to be our Everything!

Don’t let Babylon take you in today…Let HIM hide you in the cleft of the rock, and cry out with all your heart..”Show me your Glory”! 

BTW-I now have HS kids who smile and tell me to have a good day!  and yesterday I have 34 elementary kids who sang on my bus, and were still singing and laughing when they went in to school.  God is so good, and HE is touching lives, and how I pray for those children.  Thanks for the prayers that have been going up and keep them coming! In Christ Aone, we put our trust..our shield, our strength, our song!


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God blows my mind!

I am aware that my mind is little and it probably doesn’t take much to blow it away.  🙂  But I would just like to take a minute and recap my last week.

Your prayers (those who have been praying for me and those around me)are being answered in big ways.  My older children that I transport to and from school have been totally awesome this week-no outbursts, no angry attitudes, actually smiles and thankyou’s!  The girl I wrote about earlier in the week, on wednesday found her self a whole new set of friends and she went to prayer group with them! Friday she actually looked up and smiled.  Don’t any one tell me that God is not good and not capable of the impossible!  Well you can tell me, just won’t make a difference in my heart.

Wednesday was “talk like a pirate day”, and my elementary children had the most fun!  They also had clash day, so they looked the part!  And Yes Hover, we did sing our pirate songs on the bus…LOL  How ever the one song we changed the words, “bottle of rum” to bottle of coke!  Didn’t want the school to think I was encouraging alcohol.  What a blast!

Thursday and Friday, we experienced the worst fog in the morning…the kind where visibilty is about 5 feet.  No kidding.  My route is rural areas.  My only consolation was that I drive it everyday..or so I thought.  Until that really didn’t seem to hold water for me.  So I said to the Lord, “So you want me to drive by faith and not by sight as well”…HIS reply was “I will drive.” and HE did!  Actually very amazing, no tension, no stress, I wasn’t even late…how amazing is that!?! 

The Outreach to the neighborhood went well, and some new children are attending our clubs on Wednesday nights, and they are so very precious. I know how much Jesus loves them, I just pray that they will know.  As I am studying for Daniel study to begin…I am so very much reminded that no matter how many miracles are shown, some will choose to believe that they are in control, and will not give in to the Sovereign God. When HE strips them of their self righteousness, they will curse HIM and not come back.  I am also reminded of how very much we all live in a Babylon of sorts, and have become so self dependent that believing and leaning on God is probably the most difficult thing to grasp.  In view of current events world wide…I take comfort in the life of Daniel.  He was taken from his home, but he never stopped believing that his God will see him through it.  Daniel did not compromise God, or his faith even when death was confronted to him.  God did spare Daniel, and still gave him the prosperous life even in cativity.  Daniel prayed for his captors, and prayed for his country but also agreed with God that they had been evil…I am taken in by Daniels prayer. He prays “we” he includes himself with the people although he may have been the most righteous at that time.  No pride.  Daniel- no matter how many times I take this adventure I find more similarities to this day. 

Hope you all have a blessed week, and see God in the things around you.  HE is there, ask to see HIM if you don’t see HIM. But then sit down for the ride of your life!


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Children, they are at our Adult mercy

I was an abused child at a very young age and then again as a teenager.  I thank Jesus for delivering me from the spiral that it sent me on, and for helping me to forgive my abusers.  HE truly is good, and only HE can take a shattered heart and turn it in to something that is functional, when all it ever knew was dysfunction.

There is a teen girl that rides my bus, and she has a natural beauty that stands out, but she never smiles, I have never heard her voice, and rarely I see her face.  She looks at the ground with her head hung, and my heart just wants to rescue her from what ever or who ever is causing her pain.  She doesn’t socialize with anyone.  She has a brother that is the same way(he rides my bus too, but a different school).  They come from a very wealthy neighborhood, and are always dressed well, but their pain screams loudly although silent.

Today I dropped the boy off, and I saw the father in the driveway, I watched a young boy fall apart just seeing him.  I prayed “please, help these children”, and “please don’t let me get off this bus and put a whoopin’ on this man”  Sometimes it is so hard to be close to pain that I know all too well.  But today HE reminded me that HE will deliver them, just like me.  HE reminded me of the verses that helped me to stand back up and turn and look HIM in the face.  Matthew 18:5,6  “Who ever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”  Adults will pay for what they have done to children(unless they repent).  Mathew 19:14  “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” These verses are my Jesus speaking.  How very awesome HE is.  I believe with all my heart that the day is not far off when HE will return, and every knee will bow before HIM, even if HE has to break the leg.  I want to do it willingly.  Tonight I am very content to just sit wrapped up in HIM, and feel HIS safety, and know HIS love and how very much HE cares.  I love that HE cares for this family I mentioned.  Praying for their safety, and for God to intervene, and show me what I can do to help them.  So much sadness in eyes that have never left their home…babies…we are all at God’s mercy, and HE extends it to us daily.  How precious is the child in the eyes of God, how it must break HIS heart when they are abused, how longsuffering HE is to not just wipe out this planet in all its corruption. 

Father God, My heart is bowed to you, you are in control of everything even though you hand us over to our desires when we are not obedient to you.  My plea tonight is for the children who are constantly facing an angry world, unloving parents, and forced to live in prejudices, and rebuke.  They are not able to take care of their selves, but you are able to care for them.  Please hold them tonight and let them know you are there.  I place them back in your hands again, and I thank you that nothing escapes you, and no one will crawl past your judgement seat unseen.  Change this mans heart, and show them your Glory! Thank you for being so detailed in our lives, and I love the shades when you drive the bus! 🙂


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Carry me!

There is something that pulls my heart strings when a little one looks up and lifts their arms and pleads (as only a small child can) “Carry me!”  I never have to think  twice and it seems automatic to bend down and pick them up.  God has been teaching me this last week that I ,too, need HIM to carry me at times, and I need to be that small child reaching to the heavens, and pouring out my heart with no reservation…”Carry me!”  This week I have experienced exhaustion at new levels.  Somehow pressing on, only in the power of my Jesus.  Becoming so aware of each minute at times that HE is carrying me, I am leaning like never before.  Sometimes the enemy seems so loud that I just want to scream at him to “shut up!”, but instead just bury myself in my Lord, who carries me.

As a mother, there is nothing on this earth I love more than my children. (Hubs too!), and I have been studying what is it to “become a child, and allow God to be the Father”…I do have to smile tonight at the fact that God always gives me visuals as HE knows I learn best to see it.  Whew!  This week was so hard, and yet when I look at the way HE always delivers, and rescues me…falling on my knees and laying face down doesn’t seem to be enough.  Pouring my life out as an offering seems to be the only alternative.

My new study group is starting soon, and outreach has started and is taking off.  God has been incredible to open doors, and work in hearts…and let me watch and be part of it. God is good!  All the time!!  Lately when I start my bus route in the morning, the sun is just coming up, and absolutely the most precious time with HIM before my first stop.  Today I just layed it all down and said “you are going to have to drive, or take me home”..He did not take me home, but I wish you could see HIM drive that big bus!!!  I wish you could see HIM love those small children.  I have the happiest bus of elementary kids, and no one gets it! 😉  I have six problem children on my High school, and middle school runs, but my elementary…absolute sweeties! 

Father, thank you for always being there and being everywhere, and revealing yourself to me.  Thank you for giving me such a good teacher in your  word even though I have never met her personally.  How I cherish the things you have taught to me, and the understanding you give!  I will never get over how you left a perfect place and kingship to confine yourself in a human body,die and be resurrected – just so I could be with you forever.  I never want to get over it.  I have heard so much about getting caught up in the emotions of it all…but I do get emotional over you…You made me like this, and all to your glory.  Thank you for being my hiding place..and giving me little glimmers of your Glory (you know I can only stand small doses). Thank you for Your mercy that I need to be new everyday, You are my portion… 

I love Jesus so much!  I am not ashamed, and HE is everything to me.  How I praise HIM for getting me through this week.. 😉 and only 5 more to go!  I know He is capable, and all is to teach me something, and to bring me closer to HIM.  I do pray to know HIM more and love HIM more…HE does answer that prayer!

BTW-my daughter is recovering from her surgery, and it has been a blessed time to be with her, and take care of her.  She is 22 and had become my baby girl again…my lil princess angel baby…God does give second chances…


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Sunday afternoon-Random thoughts

Our past week has been full and full of eventful things that were not the norm.  Our daugter had surgery on her foot, and had some bone removed, and 4 screws put in. She is not allowed out of bed for 6 weeks.  We are juggling schedules along with her fiancee to take care of her and not leave her alone more than an hour or two.  Scott’s father is in the hospital and has an ongoing problem with keeping food/liquids down.  More tests are being taken to try to give him normal living. 

Our son has football almost everyday. The band-Freznel Lenz, played yesterday at “Jamming for Jesus”.  My allergies are at their worst, with high temps and high humidity. Now Sunday, day of rest, and still things that need to be done.  Welcome to our world!

I visited a couple times this week Friendly Christian, and lost my internet for a brief time, but I only had a brief time to access.  While visiting FC, I was brought to this thought…HOW?  HOW? does any one person who doesn’t believe in the love of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus even function?  We are so stretched in our physical bodies, and our mental capablities, that it is impossible to pull our day together without the supernatural strength our Father provides.  I have heard this week that some Christians do not want to hear that God is good. It was very sad to me, because that is the foundation of my belief system.  Even when I do not understand what God is doing, or why HE allowed something I still  must hold on to the truth that HE is good!  As Christ followers, it is vital that we know and believe that God is good.  We live in a win win situation.  Although some times it seems that God is not for us, HE is for us, HE said it and HE does not lie! not ever!  It means that even when HE says “No”, HE is still saying “yes” to something that is the better for us.  This is where our submission to HIM comes to the surface.  Are we angry with HIM for saying “no” to something that we really wanted or something that really hurt us?  or Are we pouring our hearts out to HIM and confessing that we hurt and we don’t understand, but we know that HE is good! Asking for HIS help, instead of accusing a Holy Almighty God of letting us down.  Questioning God is fine…accusing HIM of being anything less than good is wrong.  Our Almighty Creator, satisfied HIS own wrath by shedding HIS own blood, confining HIMself in a human body, and the only reason was for us to be with HIM and experience HIS goodness.  That is not a selfish God, and it is not a God who does not care, it is more love than any of us can even wrap our minds around!  There is a difference from reaching out to others with the love of Jesus, and letting the enemy entertain and impose subtle deception.  My heart goes out to the ones who are decieved, and prayers go up for them.  But they can not captivate all my mind and attention, as only HE is worthy of that. 

I don’t care if anyone thinks I have a cool blog…and I don’t care if you disagree with me.  I do care when my God is called profane names, and when HE is not defended as Good.  HE does not need me to defend HIM, but I will delete any comments that are derrogatory to my God.  There is a saying that goes like this:  “you can disagree with me, but take your shoes off…you’re standing on Holy Ground”.  As Christ lives in me, I would take a bullet for HIM, how about you?


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Seeking God with all my heart

This morning I rushed through my time with the Lord, and ultimately paid for that almost immediately!  Well with in the hour, I dropped off my riders at the HS, and the bus infront of me decided to park which left me little to no room to clear her as I left there.  I hit my mirror on the back corner of the other bus.  OKAY! Totally embarrassing!  Among things like Idiot girl (to myself), now I must get out of the bus see the damage, and correct my mirror!  I still have an hour and a half to pick up and drop off kids.  When the other driver approached me, I prayed…”hold my tongue…or she is not getting Jesus today!”  Well He did hold my tongue, and she was very kind and gracious to me, and even helped me to back my bus so that I could clear her.  Seems she will be sitting in that postion everyday now.  Ultimately my fault for stopping too close to her, and for my own ignorance in not knowing that bus will be sitting there…it wasn’t there all last week.  UUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Now I am praying that nothing else will happen as I continue.  I am praying all the things I did not pray before I proceeded on with my day.  HE was very clear in that bus, as HE reminded me that I had no time for HIM this morning, and passively thought I would just catch up later in the day.  Some can get away with that…but not me!  I am on the short leash and for my own good! 

I returned to the bus company and let my boss know what I had done, and he turned bright red..but only said.”don’t wreck my buses” not even in a loud voice.  Believe me I was prepared for the worst!  Needless to say I went back to my home and got in the Word, and sought the Lord with all my heart.  The short thing that I read early this morning I looked over again too.  There was my warning that I so quickly passed off…2Chronicles 31:21  “in every work that he began in the service of the house of God in the law and in the commandment, to seek his God, he did it with all his heart.  So he prospered.” (italics mine)  Henry Blackaby – “When you do not resolve to seek the Lord, calamity is the inevitable result.”  :>) got it!!


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