Princess, why so discouraged?

Sometimes this road is very discouraging…but only because we have lost our focus on what Jesus has said. During my Quiet Times, regardless of my study, I love to read through something in the Gospels, specifically what was Jesus saying, literally. Today I found myself in Matthew 7…as I read again the words of Jesus giving instruction to not throw pearls to swine…I followed the cross reference to Proverbs 9:7-8..Jesus was talking about not rebuking a non-believer, and that rebuking a wise man (or believer) will make him wiser. MMMMMMM…still wondering why Jesus would go this way in this talk. (God is not redundant, and does not talk aimlessly) So I followed the rest of HIS talk and landed again in the whole truth that this road is narrow, and few will find it. Of course we want them all to find it, but the truth is that we are blessed to find it! But our Sweet Savior did not stop there, and did not leave us hanging in the blessing as if we are exempt and there is no other thing to keep in mind. So I followed HIM on to the next section…(still in Matthew 7). We will know if someone is on this road or not by the fruit that shows in their life…and likewise, our fruit that should show in our life. The ones who are truly on this road will be serving the KING and carrying out HIS will.

That speaks encouragement to my soul this morning. So many times I stumble while looking around me and seeing those I think are Godly, wondering why they do not have a call on thier life, and why they seem to have a much longer leash. I believe I am on the short leash, and it is springy at that. But the Lord has shown me to rejoice in it…I have found the narrow road, and following after the Father and being willing to obey in HIS leading is all that I need. There really is no room for discouragement in the Light of Jesus, there is just too much to rejoice about.

I love the WORD, and I love how HE is so very sweet to walk us through the pages and help us to apply what seems so familiar. It is truly alive and active!

Thank you Jesus for setting the pace, and giving us your words to help us understand all that we need to. Thank you for carrying the burdens of today, and lighting your fire in our hearts. How incredibly beautiful you are. Thank you for reminding me to pray for those you trouble me, and to bless those who try to tear me apart. Thank you for the reminder that you did not come for the well, you came for the sick. That is very humbling as I am forced to remember that without you we are sick, and lost, and pending the second death. Thank you for saving me, and for how you continue to stretch your hand out to a hurting world, full of sin, and loving on us. What a great an awesome God you are, Thank you for being my God! your Princess, in service to her King



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6 responses to “Princess, why so discouraged?

  1. Stephanie (Ocean Mommy)

    The short, springy leash. I love that! It’s a great word picture. Love it. Thanks for this post!


  2. twinkle

    Your prayer was very wise. I’m not saying I’m so perfect or that I have reached IT yet…but spiritual maturity makes us more forgiving towards those who are lost and without the HOPE that we have in Christ. We are the fragrance of Christ in this world. I challenge you to find “He’s Alive” by Dolly Parton, turn your lights out and light a scented candle. Then just worship. Feel the fear that the disciples felt after Christ’s crucifixion. Aren’t we just so BLESSED to be called His Jewels!
    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog and come for tea anytime. Let’s always be willing to speak for Christ. Blessings to you, Princess Everlasting Darla…God’s Delight!

  3. sammie

    Something Beth said awhile back really spoke to me on the level of the narrow path and why some are on and some are not. She said she was so incredible lost she had to stay in so completely or be lost again. Meaning, sometimes sleeping with the bible on her head. It is our total shield and sword in these times. Its cool that you see it that why. Most of the time you are totally reading out of it for strength. Way cool princess.

  4. Refresh My Soul Blog

    I have been pondering this same question lately. Thanks for your post. Very insightful as always! You are a blessing!
    Much love,

  5. Darla

    Sammie, I remember her saying something like that once…about the gray areas in Christianity…I am just not sure it is not for everyone…no gray areas.

    Thanks for your kind comments..

    Stephanie, Twinkle, Angela, thanks for being so encouraging..

  6. Shonda

    This is a great devotional and it has really ministered to me this morning.

    This reminds me of my children. I have two boys. When I have to discipline them for some reason, often times the older one will ask why the younger one gets away with it. It’s not that the younger one is getting away with misbehaving; it’s just that he doesn’t have as much understanding and is learning therefore his correction is handled differently. The older & more mature one has been taught how to behave correctly and is more accountable for his behavior.

    It seems like to me that’s what you’re pointing out in this devotion is that the more mature we are in Christ, we’re more accountable for staying on the narrow road.

    Yes, we can praise and thank our God for the short leash! That means we’re closer to HIM!

    Blessings in Christ–

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