Word of Life-Open Air Evangelism

I recieved some comments and emails and would like to explain further what Word of Life is doing in the streets of a Big City like New York. I love their view of the GreatCommission (Matt. 28:18-20). Open Air is set up with teams to cover the streets and extend Jesus to the lost, knowing that only God changes a heart, and will not see all come to salvation, but knowing that sometimes we are the ones who plant seeds. The ones who do make a confession of faith, and accept our awesome God as their own, are taken care of. Word of Life has a team set up that works through Correspondence-Bible Studies with them, helps them to be taken in by a Bible believing church, nurtured and baptised and trained in how to disciple others. It is really a beautiful thing that God is doing in NY. Open Air teams paint pictures as they tell the Gospel, they do a rope trick that tells the gospel, and just take time to talk to someone who has questions. They are not in a hurry, they are there for the people and sent by God. Very very intense! Youth groups can participate in this for a week or however long they may want to…check out www.wol.org The teens are trained while they are there, and stay with a team member who is doing this. They even find a place for your team to sleep.

If you are interested, pray about it, and let Word of Life know! Blessings!


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