Princess, is your Royalty showing?

Sometimes we try so hard to fit into this world, and even look for approval from people, when all we really need to do is show our Royalty!
Phil. 4:20-says that our citizenship is in Heaven-Heaven is our home!
I Peter 2:9-11-says that we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation of people belonging to God! , Aliens and strangers in this world! Along with it comes a warning–do not give in to worldly sinful desires, they will wage war with your soul!

While thinking about this, and how often we fall to subtle things that work their way in to our minds, I have been praying about we keep those things from happening, or Discernment is needed to be stronger to identify them when they do get in! HE, the King, has reminded me to think about things are praiseworthy, and excellent, and good…mmmmm after pondering these things again…the King is the only one Praise worthy, excellent and good!! Focus on the Lord, and anything that does not stand up to HIS standards disregard!

Spreading the knowledge of Christ to others is a pleasant smell to the Lord…as we do this we are to God the aroma of Jesus…(2Cor. 2:15). There is no better way to show our royalty than to be sanctified and to strive to step up our sanctification…meaning in the light of the fact, that the King lives with us, we are doing nothing that will hinder HIS presence, no language that would offend our King, no music or TV that I would not be comfortable knowing that Jesus is with me. That is guarding my mind, and my heart.

Sanctification=letting your royalty show, an aroma pleasant to the nose of the KING=spreading HIS gospel and making HIM known.

Princess, lets strive today to show off our royalty, and smell good too!!!!



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6 responses to “Princess, is your Royalty showing?

  1. Stephanie (Ocean Mommy)

    As I type this I’m looking at a framed verse I have on my desk. I brought it over from the entertainment center. It’s Psalm 101:3 “I will set before my eyes no vile thing.”

    I needed this post today to remind me and encourage me to think on/ look at things that are pleasing to my King.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and speaking truth!
    Love, steph.

  2. Little Steps Of Faith

    I love how God has ignited your young heart, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

    Keep writing:)


  3. The Small Scribbler


    This is a good reminder…to watch what we think and say and do. I find that the more I write and put what I think out “in public” the more I catch myself when my actions do not line up with my words. I do want to be a pleasing fragrance to the Lord.

    I started a post on this topic weeks ago and have not brought it to completion…maybe one day God will tie it all together for me and I can post it.


  4. WomanHonorThyself

    thanks so much for the visit to my site..please come again and hey..Keep up the good fight!..sounds as though youre winning!! 🙂

  5. lori

    Funny, I used the “aroma of God” in a teen bible study and took in smelly sneakers and perfume…asked which they would rather smell and then posed the question, what “scent” are you allowing to drift up to heaven…It was one of the best ones we had! We must teach our girls that they have a beautiful fragrance without being caught up in what the world says! No easy task, when even the mommys fall victim to it, at least sometimes!:) Your post was wonderful and BEAUTIFUL!!
    It sounds like you have a Dorcas living in your home, how blessed you are!
    Thanks for visiting, stop by anytime!

  6. Faith

    I really like your definition of sanctification. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

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