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Princess, is your Royalty showing?

Sometimes we try so hard to fit into this world, and even look for approval from people, when all we really need to do is show our Royalty!
Phil. 4:20-says that our citizenship is in Heaven-Heaven is our home!
I Peter 2:9-11-says that we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation of people belonging to God! , Aliens and strangers in this world! Along with it comes a warning–do not give in to worldly sinful desires, they will wage war with your soul!

While thinking about this, and how often we fall to subtle things that work their way in to our minds, I have been praying about how..HOW..do we keep those things from happening, or Discernment is needed to be stronger to identify them when they do get in! HE, the King, has reminded me to think about things are praiseworthy, and excellent, and good…mmmmm after pondering these things again…the King is the only one Praise worthy, excellent and good!! Focus on the Lord, and anything that does not stand up to HIS standards disregard!

Spreading the knowledge of Christ to others is a pleasant smell to the Lord…as we do this we are to God the aroma of Jesus…(2Cor. 2:15). There is no better way to show our royalty than to be sanctified and to strive to step up our sanctification…meaning in the light of the fact, that the King lives with us, we are doing nothing that will hinder HIS presence, no language that would offend our King, no music or TV that I would not be comfortable knowing that Jesus is with me. That is guarding my mind, and my heart.

Sanctification=letting your royalty show, an aroma pleasant to the nose of the KING=spreading HIS gospel and making HIM known.

Princess, lets strive today to show off our royalty, and smell good too!!!!



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Word of Life-Open Air Evangelism

I recieved some comments and emails and would like to explain further what Word of Life is doing in the streets of a Big City like New York. I love their view of the GreatCommission (Matt. 28:18-20). Open Air is set up with teams to cover the streets and extend Jesus to the lost, knowing that only God changes a heart, and will not see all come to salvation, but knowing that sometimes we are the ones who plant seeds. The ones who do make a confession of faith, and accept our awesome God as their own, are taken care of. Word of Life has a team set up that works through Correspondence-Bible Studies with them, helps them to be taken in by a Bible believing church, nurtured and baptised and trained in how to disciple others. It is really a beautiful thing that God is doing in NY. Open Air teams paint pictures as they tell the Gospel, they do a rope trick that tells the gospel, and just take time to talk to someone who has questions. They are not in a hurry, they are there for the people and sent by God. Very very intense! Youth groups can participate in this for a week or however long they may want to…check out www.wol.org The teens are trained while they are there, and stay with a team member who is doing this. They even find a place for your team to sleep.

If you are interested, pray about it, and let Word of Life know! Blessings!

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