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Following with Reckless Abandon

In the past I have drilled my children on the evils of the internet. About 18 months ago, the internet almost destroyed my family. The Grace of God saved us. In my early quiet time with the LORD, HE spoke to my heart and was very clear to me. HE said “Do not compromise Me, and do not compromise your family”. At first I was very upset because I was not in the wrong this time, and I did not feel that I was compromising HIM at all. But very soon in a matter of hours, I was confronted with a nightmare that I was not ready for, and all that I had to hold on to was those words that still were ringing in my ears…”Do not compromise ME, and do not compromise your family”. The LORD filled me with wisdom and strength to make some very tough decisions, and to choose to believe God, and trust HIM to know the best way, and to know the outcome. HE caused me to look into HIS face and KNOW that HE has everything in control. In my eyes everything was out of control, at least out of my control.

This was a very hard testing of my faith, and my love for Jesus. The outcome is that all worked out to HIS glory, and the enemy was defeated. I know he will be back and try again, but I know my God is big enough, and powerful enough, and knows the way.

“Do not compromise ME…” I have thought much about this phrase…and I now know why the writer of Psalm 119, continued to love God’s laws, and ordinances, and repeated it over and over. Decisions need to made with scripture, and it doesn’t fail. Alot of times it is very much against our grain and who we are…but the LORD has promised that whoever asks for wisdom will recieve it (James 1:5). In one of the most devastating times of my life, HE held me while I slept, and woke me in the morning with a new song on my lips, and filled me with joy that was unspeakable. Choosing HIS way is not natural but it is the choice to make. I don’t know how HE does it, but once I make the choice for HIM and HIS way, things just start to fall into place, and HE fills me with the peace I need to move through each day. God is incredibly Good!!!

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth , and the Life”…(John 14:6)
I am no theologian, but this speaks to my heart everytime I sense confusion. Jesus knows the way, because HE is the Way, there is not a shadow of darkness in HIM at all because HE is the Truth, and I am not even able to take a breath of air into me, unless He gives it to me. Yeah, there are some deeper ways to look at this verse, but I think we need to be simple first.

“Blogsville” is awesome, God is answering my prayer along with many others who have been hit by the enemy on the internet, HE is taking this thing for Glory…with our many testimonies to HIS goodness, HIS love, HIS forgiveness, HIS strength, HIS Word! Thank you my sisters in Christ, you encourage my heart, and help me to know that HE has given us each other to walk this very long road together. Helping each other up when we fall, singing and dancing, crying and praying together. (Proverbs 27:17)

Yes we have an enemy, and he is strong and he is angry, and since he can’t take on our Dad, he tries to get to us. Our DAD has already marked the calendar in the heavenlies for the day when the enemy will be locked away for ever in a pit of fire…like all other prophesy in the Bible, this will happen! Our DAD rocks!, Rules! Reigns!!



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