Treasure given by the KING are to be shared!

This has been a very hard week, mostly just alot of things going on at once, and me out of my comfort zone in more than one area. I will try to break it down….

As I have been struggling with the fact that the LORD wants me to have a CDL, and My stepfather has clots in his lungs, my mom doesnt drive, my Princess Lace is making wedding plans, my Princess Katrina is in NY witnessing to people in Times Square, and my Knight Derek hated camp this year, and I am still hearing about it after 2 weeks! Precious Chica nicole needs Jesus…I am so exhausted. So today I was reminded that God has a plan, and it is okay that I do not know it or understand it. Thanking HIM that HE carries me when I can not see straight, drives the car home late at night, gives me smile for the little ones I care for. God really is good, and I have no idea how anyone can walk through this world without HIM.

As the Father and I spoke through out this day…HE reminded me of a box I put away, and that I really needed to get it out and refresh my mind in order to have strength for this day, and a focus that would be firm. What a treasure! The box is filled with all my notes, and quotes from Godly writers, and a very defined list of verses who tell me what and who HE is and what HE is capable of…I delight in these things. Also it has a study that I put together on Prayer, and the layout for a book a never wrote. Some how my mind has been convinced that these are my treasures from the KING, and they are. Each one was a lesson HIM and I went through in the middle of the night, early in the morning, and before I slept for many years. Each one bringing me closer to HIM, and falling in love with my Creator. Some of the lessons I have shared with the girls at the ChristianRehab, and some with the women at church.

These are not just my treasures, these are letters from KING, and they belong to everyone. I asked my Pastor if HE could locate a book for me that would compile my list in one cover…and he very softly and seriously said…It hasn’t been written yet.

I don’t know the first thing about writing a book, I am not even sure HE wants me to write it, maybe HE wants me to pass it on to someone already prepared to do this. Waiting on HIM for instruction, and asking forgiveness for wanting to keep some of the treasure for myself. Something vulnerable happens to me when I open that box…maybe just over my head…living beyond myself…

Thanking God for all my sisters in Blogville, and thanking HIM for showing me the body of Christ just as I thought it would be. I have asked HIM to see it, and my eyes have been opened.
One more step in being an overcomer, Princess in service to her KING.


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