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Abba and HIS Princess

As I recently read a dear sister and sisters recount beautiful memories with their daddys, I needed to really come to my Heavenly Father, and ask HIM to fill me again in this area. I don’t have stories to tell of a biological father that are worth telling, and sometimes the enemy just likes to jab at me there…But knowing to run to the True Father, that is what I did.

Many years of learning and applying the Word, and Grace beyond measure…I learned and still learn what a beautiful thing it is to have a Heavenly Father. HE provides all things for me, is patient beyond words. I am so honored to call HIM Abba, and know how very precious I am to HIM. The enemy would have liked me to disappear in my grief over past experiences, but I am not. I am holding on to the Truth. These are some things about my Abba that makes HIM priceless to me (beyond my salvation being first).

1. No matter what time of night, if a nightmare or thunderstorm shakes me, HE is there warm and safe, and reminding me that HE will sing over me while I sleep…HE is the watchman.

2. If loneliness sets in on me…HE makes me smile when HE reminds me HE would love to have a conversation, and He will snuggle up and fill my home. HE likes the amusement park too!

3. When the world gets to be more than I can stand…HE takes me to HIMself and we dance…did you know that “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” is a waltz? Close your eyes and sing it and dance with Jesus..it truly does make “the things of this world grow strangely dim, in the light of HIS glory and grace”.

4. There is nothing to hard for my Abba, HE can absoutely do anything, fix anything, and prepare anything! Right now HE prepares a place for me to live with HIM forever!

5. Once after I had a miscarriage, in the winter, with snow on the ground…my son found a perfect yellow rose (my favorite) growing through the snow, in my yard. I almost dug that out, and thought it was dead…of course it was the most beautiful gift from my Abba. Some friends were at my house when it happened..and we all stared at it with our mouths hanging open. It was an incredible hug!

6. Of course disobedience is a factor at times, and I do know that no one can put a whoopin’ on me like my Abba. And I deserved each one…but HE always reconciles, and definitely makes HIS point.

7. The most beautiful smile is HIS…sensing HIS approval, and loving shadow fall around me. Don’t forget the kisses…sunsets and rises over the bay or lake or ocean…just the very best!!!

Now that I have showed you how very much this Princess loves her Daddy (Abba)….rejoice with me that HE is still freeing prisoners, and still being a Father to the Fatherless. **I think I have the best Dad!**;)


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Diggin’ on Jesus (part 2 LOL)

Originally I was supposed to write my own thoughts, but I really loved Angela’s and it never crossed my mind that I was to think on my own. It has been very hot here, and thinking is not my best quality when I am weary….

Here goes- 5 things I love about Jesus…

1. Jesus is always here when no one else can be found, and HE is great company, sense of humor, loving, and totally awesome! Can you imagine the compassion HE had when telling the disciples of how things would go, and then telling them…Take heart, I have overcome the world…I am with you always…I want to love like that, with tenderness and compassion for what others are feeling.

2. I love the way Jesus extended HIS hand to the woman who sat curled up in the corner of the temple, and told her “woman thou are loosed”, I believe HE freed her from more than a physical problem…maybe something deeper that cause the problem…HIS love always looks beyond the surface…I want to love like that.

3. I love how Jesus did not laugh the boys of thunder out of town when they requested to sit at either side of HIM in HIS kingdom. HE has so much understanding in our totally foolish thinking and still loves…I want to love like that.

4. I love the way Jesus spoke to the woman caught in adultery…HE looked past the general consentious, and did not care to be politically correct…and gave her another chance..”Unlimited Do-overs”…I want to love like that.

5. Jesus loved HIS fathers will more than HIS own, and died for the unrighteous, to build a bridge for me and you to cross over. HE rose again so that maybe I can love like that.

Now you are all still tagged! I just didn’t get it right the first time. hahaha Jesus is good to us, and I did need a laugh!

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