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Just diggin’ on Jesus

Five Things I Dig about Jesus

Angela tagged me with this list. So as I was thinking of five things I dig about Jesus, the thing that struck me the most was His great love for us. He is the truest picture of humility. He is what servant leadership looks like. So here is my list.

1-He participated in creation of all things. He was involved in the grand plan of things. Yet He Still put on the flesh and became like us in our fleshly bodies leaving heaven and His heavenly body. All because of His crazy love for us.I want to love like that.

2-He washed His disciples dusty, dirty, probably smelly feet. He knew of the upcoming betrayal of one of His followers yet He chose to humble Himself in service to Judas this way anyway.I want to love like that.

3-He healed 10 lepers knowing that all of them would go away without saying a word of thanks to Him for His miracle except for one. But He chose to do it anyway.I want to love like that.

4-At the wedding in Cana, of all the first miracles He could perform He turned water into wine. Even though it was before His time and eventhough it was for no real significant reason except to obey and please His mother, He turned the water into wine. He did this eventhough no one would know other than his mother and the servants at the wedding.I want to love like that.

5-He talked to the woman. You know that woman with the bad reputation. That Samaritian who now lived with a man and had many failed marriages. He knew the disciples would see this interaction but He did not mind.I want to love like that.

Now it is my turn to tag five so I tag Deborah, Teri, Susan, Faith, Jesus Girl. Have Fun!


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