Being A Princess who Overcomes

Being a princess is delightful! However, sometimes it has work that I don’t always take into consideration. Being an Overcomer is the main one. This causes me to retreat to my Bible to see what God has to say about things, and not what man or the world says about it. It is so easy to follow people that I think are Godly and not stop to ask my Heavenly Father what HE thinks.

My home church has been doing a post Revelation study on Sundays, and this week it was on beoming weary in doing good. It really stirred a few things in me, as outreach is my heart, but sometimes it becomes very tiresome. I thought about the fields being white with harvest, but the workers are few. I thought about general weariness…family, wife and mother responsibilities, job…and then God spoke to my heart, and reminded me that I only have to please HIM, and HE is requiring my attention, my heart to love HIM, and to know and pursue HIM wherever HE goes. My weariness is mostly due to my lack of keeping my eyes fixed on HIM in total submission, and believing that HE can and will pull everything together.

The Lord also reminded me that HE is in control, and although I know that, my head seems to think it knows something and wants to help! that is always when trouble begins.

So again I come before my King, and ask HIM to forgive my unbelief, to strengthen me for what ever task HE has for me today, and to put all the people I love in HIS hands as HE always knows what’s best, and HE knows the plans HE has for them as well. (HE always has a good plan) I realized today that no matter how much I know HIM, I will have to know HIM more, and only HE can make my heart a heart that loves HIM completely. HE is the Alpha and Omega , the Great I Am, and everything this little Princess needs for continued joy, and direction. My task is to live for HIM, and to honor and glorify HIM in all I say and do, to remember my need for HIM, and to stay close to the only ONE who always has my best interest at heart.

Jesus, what a beautiful name! What a wonderful friend, and lover of my soul! HE truly does drive me to strive to be an overcomer….Jesus is the reward at the end of this journey…Jesus is coming soon…Let’s be ready…and claim our prize!



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2 responses to “Being A Princess who Overcomes

  1. Is this where you began your Blog… Or is there earlier stuff that is not in the archive…

    Love you sis.

  2. Carl- I started to actually have a blog in June of 2007, but actually started to blog two months prior to can still go to the old blog as I didn’t delete it…all did not move over to wordpress when I did.

    Funny, I have been back ther browsing recently, I like to remember what started this all. Love you brother, and miss you so much!

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